Rob Hudleson on the Issues

Pro life

Every conception is a child created by God Almighty, and as such deserves all the protections afforded by the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bible. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life…” The Declaration of Independence. “For you created my in most being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” – Psalm 139.13-16.

2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment is a hedge of protection that the founding fathers put around our liberties. Tyrannical governments will always try to disarm the people. Self-defense is a biblical concept protecting our rights and property. In a Christian society, the good guys are armed, because the bad guys always will be (Luke 22.36). I will always fight to maintain our Second Amendment rights.


Arizona has led the nation in implementing effective school choice policies that shifted the power to parents, where it should be. The agenda of our educational elites should always be scrutinized, especially in today’s world, where the Woke agenda is so prevalent. Schools should be funded according to content and results; preparing students for life, not socially engineering them for compliance with a big government ideology. We should never relax and allow the destructive narrative of the Progressives to indoctrinate American children; it goes against our American heritage and biblical faith. (Ephesians 6.1-4)

Election Integrity

It is not conspiratorial to want the evidence to be tried in court. Recent court decisions have agreed that there have been fraudulent issues in our own backyard! If we can’t guarantee integrity in our elections, we have already lost the Republic. It is the major check against an out-of-control government. Rob is absolutely opposed to ranked-choice voting and will support every effort to bring integrity to our elections.

Medical Freedom

Mask mandates should have never happened. The biblical principle is to quarantine the sick, not the healthy (Numbers 5.1-4). Censoring the opinions of hundreds of very qualified doctors did not instill trust in our governing officials. Vaccines and masking to circumvent COVID-19 should never be made mandatory, especially in light of recent findings connecting vaccines to deadly heart conditions. Arizonans should be empowered to reject medical tyranny and stand for freedom, individual liberty, and bodily autonomy.

Border Security

It is not hyperbole to say that America is being invaded by an unmanageable flood of illegal aliens. Nefarious criminals are pouring through our Southern Border and Arizona is facing the brunt of this crisis at the expense of legal American citizens. Rob supports legislation that designates the drug cartels as terrorist organizations. Completing the Border Wall is critical to keeping our county, state, and communities safe. Every available option must be examined, and if necessary, we should bypass the federal government and build the wall ourselves, to secure the private property of Arizona’s people.

Economic Freedom

Capitalism, not Socialism, lifted our country to the highest levels of prosperity known to mankind. Free markets are the biblical model (Exodus 20). Private ownership has always proven to be more productive than centralized planning. The government should protect the private property of individuals, thereby unleashing their abilities to invest their property as they see fit. Rob is a firm believer that lower taxes actually mean more revenue brought into the state. That said, having a balanced state budget is a given. It is absolutely necessary to not live beyond our means.

Freedom of Speech & Religion

These freedoms form the foundations of our republic. When the government dictates pronoun usage, we have moved into full-scale tyranny. “Separation of church and state” was never intended to remove Christianity from government. Thomas Jefferson was assuring the Danville Baptist Association that the federal government could never dictate to the states what denomination of Christianity their state must adopt. Christianity was the religion that laid the foundations of our republic. It should always be protected, defended, and honored.